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Goods sellers of this forum, how do you become well-known and get more customers?

Sharmon the Impaler

Well-Known Member
Depends on the world you try to sell them in. Global chat works well if you get a feel for the cost of them for that world. Older worlds drop the value of the goods considerably (supply and demand at play). Some guilds also give free Arc goods once you've shown a commitment to the guild as well.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
I would say selling Goods is a past art in Foe. Maybe a few years ago it was a big thing in Foe. But now, so many have such large surpluses of goods many Guilds have free give aways of Goods for Gbs. In all the Guilds I am in, most times anyone asking for Goods for any GB can get them free
After a bit.. I relize this is in hig performance Guilds, newer players generally do not have easy access to that kind of Guild.
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I get asked by members of my friends list, not really seeking people out but selling 10K a month of LMA goods

They said they asked about goods after seeing me post trades of 500-1000 range. I don't charge fp for trades.
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Meat Butcher

Active Member
Thankfully I am still doing pretty good (no pun intended) selling goods.

Here are some tips I have learned since I started playing in July 2013, hope they help:

1. Post in Global that you are a seller. Since most of my customers are regulars or referrals I have not had to post in global for years now.
2. Set up your profile message that you sell goods. I noticed on the PC (I don't use the phone app) that if you are looking at a players city not in your hood or buddy list you only see the top line. So what I do is put "Goods Dealer" "Selling Goods" or maybe the "Hot GB" Set I am selling.
For example the FI was killing it on goods sales so I had put what I was selling the set for on the top line.
3. Ranking is not important but....with goods it can be coz peeps will more than likely ask higher ranked players as they are easy to find and the perception is that they know what they are doing. Top of the Ranking, Top of the Hood, Top of the Buddy list it certainly can't hurt.
4. Keep an eye on global for peeps asking for goods, send them a message. Good way to get the ball rolling if you are new to selling.
5. Always good to take the trades as soon as they pay off the set amount of FP's. I ask all customers to link the trades to the message, as it gives a bit of proof of the transaction that you took trades.
6. Its always good to be crystal clear where they are to put the FP's. The last thing you want is someone to put the FP's on your Hagia instead of the GB you wanted. Sometimes no matter how clear you are they will still put the FP's on the wrong GB and it could easily be a mistake or on purpose. This is always a tricky situation to deal with but after some thought a solution to benefit both parties usually comes up.
7. Understand that prices change with the supply and demand and act accordingly. Always good to see what other players are selling them for and stay around the same ratio. Sure you can undercut but in my case most of my close buddies sell so we try to keep the same ratio.
8. I do give discounts for bulk orders and regulars for their loyalty.
9. Be personable, if you make a good connection peeps will likely always come back for more.
10. For me I don't care what type of goods I get back. I am usually up front telling them in regards to what goods they trade me back.
"Whatever you have the most of and put up as little as possible."
Even saying that sometimes I still get back useful goods to re sell so that is just gravy.
11. I try to trade down for whatever I don't have. I never want to tell a customer to go anywhere else. I want to be the "One Stop" for all shopping needs.
However if I do not have them I try to give them a name to show that I am doing all I can for them.

*Obviously you will have to put the time in to have a high level chateau and cycle your quests.
As I have always said, "Cycling = WINNING !" or was that Charlie Sheen ? lol