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I propose that once you select both goods for trading, and put in the amount on one of them, the game automatically
fills in the second number with a fair trade. It would save me a lot of clicking.:)


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and this is why @Stephen Longshanks i didnt want them to change the proposal format!
Piss poor thinkery.

We had just as many unformatted Proposals before the recent changes.

Whether you were for or against those changes makes no difference in whether or not folk will continue to post unformatted Proposals.

But those changes do specify exactly what you should do in the case of unformatted Proposals, namely do not post about them in the thread, but instead report the thread.

And yes, i understand that this post also violates those recent changes.

instead of a kneejerk reaction, take a couple minutes and think about this:

What other poster spent a lot of time over the last few months questioning mod decisions? Hint: You don't like him. Are you sure you want to start emulating him?


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Bitt that doesnt make me have to like the recent changes ..
Right. You donlt have to like those changes. Just as there are always lots of us who don;t like any changes INNO makes. But...

What's your reaction to anyone who posts off topic about not liking those changes?

Don;t answer,we all know it and do the same. We tell the person

Instead og complaung about what is, learn to work with it.

You can always post your dislikes in the Ojjicial Feedback threads.
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