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Grand opening of the Thinkers Club

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Probably created in the wrong area since my original message got no replies but had views.

I'm trying to promote a few improvements to the way players perform guild related communications. Since this is an unwelcome activity in established guilds, I figured it's high time that somebody created a guild for players who have ideas and want to be part of an evolving guild where their contributions have more significance than just pushing numbers up, hence the conception of Thinkers Club.

When a member of Thinkers Club has an idea to help make the guild more effective or even to eliminate a tiny flaw in a great building leveling thread, it will be given that attention that it deserves. Nobody is less important than anybody else. Nobody in Thinkers Club will be permitted to take advantage of any other member such as is being done in guilds where multiple levels of Forge Point swaps are manipulated by senior members.

There are a few things that you won't learn, outside of Thinkers Club, about what a thinker has already learned and used to advance his game play. Ideas lead to advantages when the details are worked out in a think tank. We will refine and redefine what efficient and effective FoE game play is and will become. We are thinkers.

We promote growth and will do all we can for our guild mates without holding the guild back because we realize that the member who was once weak is now contributing much more because we helped him develop a stronger city and taught him what we know about strategies

Our methods for ensuring fair play within Thinkers Club will be superior to any guild that I've seen and I've been around on 4 servers. There's a great guild right here in Walstrand. They know the value of fostering growth in newer members of the guild. It's only real shortcoming is that the leaders think they are the wisest members of their guild. In Thinkers Club, we will not assume anything because we ARE thinkers and know what wisdom is. We understand the value of humility. We will all lead because we all have it in us.

Yes, Thinkers Club is really just a guild but it IS a guild like no other. We are a cooperative group of eager players with great value that all other members are aware of. We will show the others what happens when they are in among a foe who is extremely dangerous because the have the mind's eye.

Welcome to the Thinkers Club and feel free to expect more because that's exactly what you're gonna get.
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