Great Building supporting mass aid

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Clicking aid for all your friends, guild members and neighbours is one of most boring and time consuming activity in the game. Especially playing several worlds.
The proposal is:
Create / modify Great Building bringing optionally the feature of mass aid for limited number of players, i.e. 1st level: 10, 2nd level: 25 etc. following general priority list: Guild Members then Friends then Neighbours; strongest first, weekest last (I would recommend vice versa: weekest first ;-).
I imagine: you harvest the buiding and then you have option: "would you like mass aid option or regular building feature".
Details should be carefully designed of course.
I would suggest: no blueprint reward if you choose the option.
Option could be added to already existing Buildings, not necesarilly to create the new one.


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- 1 For reasons, do a search, seriously. Even better, do a search before you post any great idea.

Geez, is this "mass aid" week?
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