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Already Suggested Group buildings / set pieces for reorganizing

Allow grouping?

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Dutch Oyster

New Member
Idea: While in reconstruction mode :
Enable grouping of buildings in, at minimum, Reconstruction Mode.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
Yes, did a quick breeze through each category and could not find anything

With the increasing number of special event building SETS, where adjacencies are crucial, breaking the sets up into individual pieces when temporarily storing them or moving things around in reconstruction mode creates a lot of inefficiencies. For example, with the improvement, a player can group 15 pieces of the Cherry Garden Set that they have determined is their preferred organization, and those 15 pieces can then move as one unit. Ideally they can be temporarily stored as a group as well, but that might mess with current organization of the "Temporary Storage".

Grouping could occur either exclusively in Reconstruction mode, or potentially expanded to normal city view as well. Since there are currently no mechanics to select multiple buildings at once, this feature could happen by selecting a "Create Group" button, and then an add or subtract button to edit the group with the desired buildings.

n/a - this would merely be an organizational tool and does not impact strategy or revenue

Abuse Prevention:
n/a - this would merely be an organizational tool and does not impact strategy or revenue

Players can group individual pieces of larger building sets together so that they move and behave as one when reorganizing cities.
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