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Grunt Work is looking for Active members!!

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Hello good people of "O" world. If you are tired of the "big" guild mentality where you HAVE to do this and that and tired of drama in a game where we all go to for a little downtime then you should come check us out. We are looking for players to come join our Family of 40+ members. Our guild is very active and we open all 4 levels of GE every week. Our swap threads move quickly and we have "special" threads for those who are building their Arc and also for those who have successfully made it to level 80 on their Arc. The best thing is we DO NOT have "leaders". If there ever is an issue or a change someone is thinking about we put it to a guild wide vote. Nothing is jammed down a players throat here. Hope to hear from some of you soon. Happy Forging!!
Messaging me in game would be preferred.