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Guide to Mary Stuart Historical Quest Line


In addition to small rewards for each quest completed, there is a bonus reward for completing the entire questline - a "Shrine of Knowledge" (and Portrait of Mary Stuart which u can use in ur profile). "Shrine of Knowledge" is a small 2x2 building that produces a FP every 24 hours (when motivated, which it usually should b (if u are aiding others as you should be) since it only collects once every 24 hours, so it only needs 1 motivating per 24 hours.). It (along with the other shrines) are (among) the most sought after buildings in FoE. (In the soccer cup, they cost 6250 cups - more than any of the other prizes/rewards).).

To make it (much) easier to complete the questline (in time) I'm providing a list of all the quest so that you can know what's coming up, and some tips to plan ahead:

Quest 1: "Gather 15 goods" and "Finish 10 productions in production buildings"
Quest 2: "Spend 10 Forge Points"
Quest 3: "Finish a 1-hour production 4 times" and "Finish a 24-hour production once"
Quest 4: "Scout a province" and "Buy 4 Forge Points"
Quest 5: "Have [some # of] population available" and "Gain [some # of] happiness"
Quest 6: "Infiltrate 1 sector" and "Recruit 5 units from your age or 8 units from the previous age"
Quest 7: "Research a technology" and "Spend 10 Forge Points"
Quest 8: "Plunder 4 buildings or acquire 1 sector" and "Delete 4 units"
Quest 9: "Spend 10 Forge Points" and "Gather some coins, supplies, and goods"
Quest 10: "Motivate or polish 4 buildings" and "Acquire 2 sectors without fighting"
Quest 11: "Motivate or polish 1 building" and "Acquire a province"

So, here's how u can plan ahead (and some general quest tips):

Q2: save ur FPs (but don't let it get to 10, bec. then the FP production stops. If it's getting close to 10, (keep) spend(ing) a couple, and save the rest.

Q3: Start a 24 hour production NOW ASAP (the first 2 quests should not take you more than 24 hours), and be careful not to collect it before you're up to quest 3.

Q4: try to conquer a province so that u can scout. the scouting counts when you visit the map after completing a scouting. So, try to start a scout so that it will end by the time ur up to Q4, and once u start the scouting, don't go to the map until ur up to Q4. Also, save up ur coins to buy FPs.

Q5: build houses, and try to hold off on building buildings that use up population. Remember/know the difference between "Have" & "Gain". if ur planning on building a cultural building, try to time it so that it finishes after u finish Q4. Remember, you can gain happiness by repeatedly building and selling cheap decorations like Memorial (if u have a 2x2 space to build it), obelisk (4 coins), or tree (7 supplies). Remember to sell after u finish, so they don't waste aid.

Q6: Save coins and a sector to infiltrate. and time it so that ur recruits will be ready by the time ur up to Q6. If they're ready early (and ur close to Q6) wait to collect them until u reach Q6.

Q7: spend FPs on research before ur reach Q7 so that you will be able to unlock the research as soon as you reach Q7, make sure u have/save enough coins, supplies, and goods to unlock. Like for Q2, save FPs so that you have (close to) 9/10 by the time you reach Q7.

Q8: have ur army full (& healthy) by the time u reach Q8. If u have a 3x3 space, u can quickly & cheaply build a spear fighter barracks, recruit 4 spearmen, delete them, and sell the building.

Q9: time ur collections to end by the time ur up to Q9, if they end early, and ur close to Q9, hold off collection.

Q10 & 11: make sure u don't aid everyone within 24 hours of Q10, leave (at-least 5) unaided people. Remember, u can get more people to aid by sending out friend requests, but u need to wait until they accept. Make sure u have enough supplies, coins, goods, and unconquered sectors (at-least 3) (, and units).


Events like the Mary Stuart quests are one-time affairs, we don't expect to see it again. We don't usually do guides for such things since they would not have lasting value...


Well-Known Member
Events have a lot of Quests in common. Each Event we usually see some folk having problems with some Quests.

Has anyone written a guide or tips and tricks regarding the common or problematic Quests?

Stuff like getting troops through GE or Traz can count towrds recruiting? Or that you can accumulate goods, coins, or supplies through other means than normal collections? Starting a 24 hour production at the start of the Event and not collecting? Starting a scout but not looking until needed?

Just a thought...