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I think this is for the developers or whoever can make this happen.

I think we would all like the idea of being able to help those in our guilds, with one on one swaps with items such as upgrades to special buildings, that, I may have, and be able to give it to a anyone in my guild.

I don't think it should just be upgrades but anything within reason, we should be able to give items that we do not want and be able to give it to a fellow guild member or even a friend.

I have spoken to others' would also love this idea. :)


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-1. It could be heavily abused, especially in a guild full of advanced players who could give (or sell for FPs) various buildings or upgrades they don't want or need anymore.

There have been numerous proposals sjmilar to yours and I think Inno's answer was the Antiques Dealer. The AD will ve as close as we get to trading unwanted items and I think it's more than enough.

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TL;DR at the bottom.

Dear OP,

First of all, -1 to the proposal, since, as already mentioned, it is too heavy for abuse by players. We got the Antiques Dealer because of that and I think us players should hold on to it for a while before suggesting grand-scale changes to it.

You said,
I have spoken to others' would also love this idea.
I think it would be of really great benefit (seriously) to tell them to learn from the mistake you just commited by posting your proposal. Please do tell them to read the pinned threads at the top of the Proposals subforum before they decide to post their own ideas. It will save them from the ridicule you just took upon your shoulders.



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Do yourself a favor and stick to reading the forums every day for the next 6 months to a year before posting anything about a proposal.
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