Guild Auto Matics looking for active members to join us


We are a fairly new Guild, only a couple of months old and already climbing the ranks at a considerable pace.
We are the Auto Matics Our current Global Rank is:
918 place in rank.
6 Expeditions participated in so far as a Guild.
3 first place trophies
3 second place trophies
Looking forward to level 5 and onward/upward! Only about 1000 Guild Power needed to hit Level 5, won't be long!
We need active members who will participate in the Guild expeditions and other Guild adventures who are interested in advancing themselves and the Guild at a steady pace. We enjoy the ability to trade amongst ourselves and are interested in players that do fair trade deals for Guild and non Guild members alike.
We are also very active in helping each other to upgrade our Great houses and any other assistance we can offer each other.