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Guild Battleground Leaderboard Improvement


When reviewing the leaderboard, is it possible to color code the guilds so we can easily see who we are closest to? Right now, only a player's own guild is highlighted, but I don't see any reason the color codes for each guild couldn't translate to the leaderboard itself.

Current System (if applicable)
All guilds appear in the same color except the player's guild which is highlighted.

Currently, we can find ourselves battling up to seven guilds which each bear a separate color on the guild battle map. Simply transfer those colors as they appear on the map to highlight each guild as it appears on the leaderboard. As an example, the player's guild generally appears in white on the map. So that guild line would now be white. Opponent A is hypothetically green, so the line for opponent A on the leaderboard would also be green.

Abuse Prevention

Visual Aids

Sorry...I don't know how to create these visuals.


This would simply be a way of more easily distinguishing who your opponents are on the battlefield and where they are in proximity to your guild.

Super Catanian

Well-Known Member
When you say leaderboard, are you referring to the leaderboard containing all the Guilds in a given world, or are you talking about the GBG leaderboard displaying your and your opponent's VPs and Provinces?
If it's the latter, +1


Strictly the leaderboard for the individual ten day long battle. This way, you can instantly see the guilds you're fighting by color instead of having to try to match up symbols on the map. It would be an instant identification of your opponents by color - unless you happen to be colorblind, in which case nothing will help, I suspect.

Super Catanian

Well-Known Member
Awesome! It annoys me slightly, and would help. I'm sure this thread will be filled with comments saying that it only takes a few seconds and clicks to verify, but this is a nice change.
Once again, +1


Well-Known Member
+1 for sure.

But with a caveat: I wouldn't highlight the whole bar. It could become a garish rainbow. But it would be an improvement.
Right now, we have the guild name and logo to go by. For me this season, 3'rd and 4'th have the same logo. So that leaves name. Annoying.

Just don't color the entire bar. Anyone up to doing a mock up of this?