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Guild Battleground Participation

The Froggle

OK, so I can access the Guild Battleground maps. But no matter which "province" I click on, both the "attack" and "negotiation" buttons are grey, and on most of them, the "building" button is, too. And on the few that have green "building" buttons, I'm informed that I can't even see the building(s) because the province doesn't belong to my guild.

What do I have to do to actually get some green buttons (and, yes, I've clicked on the ones next to my home province)? I'd at least like to try some of them, and can't do so.

Thanks for any help you can give.

The Froggle

OK, I found a second home province that wasn't on the original screen & I must've missed it when I scrolled through the map. This one has a flag on one of the adjacent provinces & it comes up with green buttons. Thanks for responding so fast; I can now at least try the GvG maps.

The Lady Redneck

Well-Known Member
First if you are talking about GBG each guild has a different color and you will always see your guild as grey. You should not be attacking any tile or building any buildings on it without consulting with your guild GBG leaders.

If it is GvG you are meaning. Once your guild owns tiles on a map you can only attack tiles next to the ones you already own. Also you must have the correct age troops for the continent you want to fight in. Also your guild may have specific plans for what tiles they want to try to win next. So it would be best to ask one of the GvG leaders to coach you on how they want things done. And any tiles that have a green "button" (Or a red one for other guilds) on it is protected from being attacked until recalc runs.
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