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Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

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Then your complaints about it being a farming machine seems a bit misplaced, or they support my proposition. Which is it?

GBG IS a farming machine, there's absolutely no doubt about that.

GBG is NOT the reason I have high level GB's.

Nothing I said in the precious post dismissed or discounted either of those statements...... you were just a bit too keen to get your GOTCHA there.


Seeing as how all worlds seem to concur that the MatchMaking in leagues has been completely changed since early this year, and the only consistent result is that guilds get matched up depending on their ID number, but INNO has denied that to be part of their set up, does this mean it came from outside?

I mean, I am just a numpty, but if it isn't Inno who set it up, how did we arrive at this?
Months of keeping 4 same guilds, and the other 4 getting exchanged every other round, dropping in and out of 1000LP, after 2 seasons already it was strange, so now 3-4 months, and nothing to do with INNO, that is very worrisome

Do we need to make a list for every world, for this to be taken seriously?


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Do we need to make a list for every world, for this to be taken seriously?
The Facebook Q&A today made it clear that the devs are now aware of the issue. Go watch the replay on the official Forge of Empires Facebook.

We also have confirmation that the Forge of Empires product owner is aware of the situation now. I don't know if we keep stirring or just wait and see. I'm inclined to wait and see what happens next round.

Regardless, please do not post links to the video covering it here. The support is much appreciated, but It's against the rules. Be respectful, please. :)


I got the distinct impression that the GBG question was not a surprise to them, Kurt and Jess actually came across very well in the Q&A, good on them!


Just read through this entire thread. Amazing!

My thoughts:

I'm a member of #1 Guilds on two different servers. The Guilds approach GBG differently with different goals. Both approached work.
If you believe GBG should be called G Farming G. Play it that way or find a Guild that plays it the way you want.
If you believe GBG is an accurate title: see above.
If you believe GBG should, or should not, rely on alliances: see above.
The individual and Guild rewards for playing aren't bad at all.
If you believe GBG is a waste of time, don't participate.
Unless INNO fixes their, now four month long, matching screw-up GBG will slowly die. I believe its already happening. It is both frustrating and boring to face the same guilds over and over and over.
Personally, it wouldn't bother me if GBG went the way of the dodo bird. The burnout rate for GBG leaders is high, I see good, long term players leaving the game because of GBG problems.
BUT, GBG has been a $ maker for INNO. They really should fix it before they kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.


The Lady Redneck

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Half way through last season I got to the point where I said I cannot do this GBG rubbish any more. So except for a few half hearted Zero Atrit fights I stopped. This season I have got to 1000 fights and am feeling the same. Now quite frankly I do not give a hoot about INNO and its self induced problems any longer. What I do care about is the great guild I am in and the people who play in it and who work together to have fun and keep it a top guild. Some of us have known each other for years. And I feel I am letting them down by not doing my best. That is what I find so frustrating.

I know there is no point in getting angry about this. But someone at INNO really has lost the plot (or never had it in the first place). They have no concept of what this kind type of gaming is about. This is not just one more mindless, anonymous phone game. They cannot conceive of the fact that this game has been going for so long that people have developed real in game friendships and loyalties. It is no longer just one more game it is a genuine hobby for a huge number of their members.

I agree with Saggas (especially on the burnout rate of GBG leaders). But I would prefer it if it was to go now. They are launching the new PvP Arena on the live servers. Why not put GBG type rewards on that and simply ditch GBG until they can come up with a proper workable alternative that is a true battleground experience.

Tony 85 the Generous

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If you believe GBG should, or should not, rely on alliances: see above.
I have been questioning the impact GBG has had on the social aspects of the game overall. How much good social interaction has come from GBG versus how much guild vs guild animosity has it generated, and also consider the scale of the good versus the anomosity.


GvG and GBG alliances come and they go.
GvG alliances usually last for months or for years.
GBG alliances tend to change from session to session (unless GvG alliances are factored in).


"GBG alliances tend to change from session to session (unless GvG alliances are factored in)."

Well, they did until INNO screwed up the GBG matchings.