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Already Suggested Guild Battlegrounds Fix/Overhaul

Do you hate how broken battlegrounds is, and like this change?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 2 66.7%

  • Total voters
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A complete overhaul of guild battlegrounds to ensure a fair experience for all players.


Guild battlegrounds is completely exploited. Two guilds team up, checker the map, and place siege camps everywhere. Everything becomes no attrition and now you can't play for the whole season, this feature is rigged and needs corrected.


Delete the siege camp, delete the watchtower

Advancements are kept the same, Attrition is the same. To make one advancement, you enter a seperate window where you must complete 10 battles or 10 negotiations. For each battle or negotiation, you get the same rewards gbg gives now. Once all are completed, you gain one advancement for a battle, two for negotiations, on the province, and one Attrition.

If you exit in the midst, you can resume later.

So if a player can fight to 50 Attrition, he can get 500 battles a day, or 5500 a season, while making 50 advancements. This makes gbg more balanced but also grindable.

Reward multiplier: rewards increase by 1% for every point of Attrition accumulated

Other guilds are not labeled, they appear simply as colors.

Starting a siege causes the province you own adjacent to it to unlock, allowing retaliation.

You may start a siege on a province you own against an enemy flag to defend it. You succeed by doing half the required advancements based on your league. The enemy does not know if you are defending. These will all prevent soft locks.

Now gbg is a slow paced, strategic, team effort without exploited farming while maintaining ideal rewards and still providing a grindable experience.

Visual Aid:

Would look the same as gbg now, but no info on other teams.

Abuse Prevention:

The basic idea of guild battlegrounds failed this portion, this idea aims to fix that and cannot be abused. You cannot exit and reenter battles to avoid attrition, you would be forced to resume them and complete them in order to hit a different target.

If you get an unbeatable battle you can always switch to negotiations for that encounter, but you may not switch from negotiations to battles.


It is time to fix this exploited feature and provide an opportunity for everyone to participate, and strategically battle against one another.
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