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Forwarded Guild BattleGrounds "Log" Enhancement

  • Thread starter Stephen Longshanks
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Would you like to see this in the game?

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    Votes: 173 86.9%
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Stephen Longshanks

The Guild Battleground log should include a list of sectors attacked and the guild members names doing the attacking. .

Current System:
Currently the log only shows things like Special bldgs. constructed, Lost sectors, Conquered sectors etc.

Knowing who in your guild is hitting what sectors would be invaluable. Is helpful in coordinating strategies withing the guild. Also as a founder I need to know who is going off the reservation and attacking the wrong/unwanted sectors. Does not need to list a complete history. Maybe last 2 days. Or maybe have a tab for active/recent sectors.

Abuse Prevention:
I cannot imagine any potential for abuse.

Visual Aids:

Founders and guild leaders need to be able to harness/focus the guilds firepower where it is needed. A tool like this will allow for them to reign in the troops and aim them where they are needed.
Please attach any comments to the original proposal thread: https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/guild-battlegrounds-log-enhancement.30192/

Stephen Longshanks

This proposal is in process of being submitted to the developers for consideration.
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