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Guild Co-Founder/ Administrator wanted.


I have now been in a few lame guilds and finally decided to just start one.
I am looking for someone to partner up with and help make this a guild that Rocks.
The name of the Guild is Skorched Brains.
Whether you are looking to be a part of a good guild in either a leadership role, or as a member of a good guild check us out!


It helps others knowing which World you plan on recruiting in.


RazorbackPirate is absolutely correct. It is in Korch, which is why I posted it here.
Still, I could have mentioned that I suppose.

I have only had one person contact me thus far, and they were asking me to join there guild.
After a bit of conversation I had agreed to take a look and would gladly do so, but I must have accidentally deleted that thread and do not remember the name of it...