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Please eliminate the auto scrolling feature that centers the GE screen on the current encounter anytime someone in the guild earns points in GE.

Current System (if applicable)
Any time someone in the guild earns points in GE (success or failure), the GE screen centers on the current encounter.

This is only an issue due to relics being scattered across the GE screen. When I get a relic, I have to scroll across the map to see where it is. However, when anyone in the guild earns GE points, the guild member's icon displays along with the number of points earned, and the screen centers back on my current encounter. This is my biggest frustration in the game right now. I hate scrolling across the screen to find a relic only to be transported back, then scrolling to the relic again, and getting transported back again before I can click on the dang thing! I've had this happen 4 times in a row during a period of higher guild activity in GE. Since I am in a more active guild, this happens to me every week. I just want to collect my relics. If needed, a manual re-center button can be added so that the player can get back to their current encounter. However, I would be fine with simply removing the auto scroll feature completely. I'm pretty sure most of us can find the big arrow pointing to the current encounter.

Abuse Prevention
There is no possibility of abuse with this proposal unless collecting relics we've earned in a less stressful environment is considered abuse

I love GE and relics. I enjoy everything else about this part of the game. This is my only annoyance with GE. It really isn't even that huge of an issue, but it would be so simple to fix and would make collecting those delicious relics a better process.

Thank you for your time.
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