Guild of Wisdom's ‘Open' Arc Program

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    Guild of Wisdom is offering an ‘Open' Market Arc Program. This is for any player who is seeking Arc prints or who has a low level (2-5) Arc they need leveled.

    ‘Open’ Market means that you can join the program without joining the guild. The program itself is simple and is not a swap. Each Arc level is divided up among the award positions in a fair amount for what each position gets. Then it is posted in a thread that has been set up for anyone who is interested to claim their desired spots. Once all spots are claimed, the Arc is posted and the members add their FP. (More FAQ's are posted below thanks to a fellow member)

    If anyone is interested in joining, please contact KitKit035 through the game. Look forward to having you join.


    Wisdom's Open Arc Program FAQ

    Q1 - What is it?

    Simply an ‘Open’ Arc Print Marketplace.
    ‘Open’ means it allows and encourages participation outside of the administered guild.​

    Q2 - Who can participate?

    Individuals from any guild. (It does not require guild to guild agreements or alliances)
    o Players seeking Arc prints
    o Player with arcs between levels 2-5 (preferred), or higher, looking for donations​

    Q3 - What is the purpose?

    To offer a place where players can easily get prints, knowing upfront the cost. Also to offer an alternative place where players can get their Arc's leveled.

    As with any market, the bigger the market with supply and demand, the more active it will be with buying and selling opportunity.​

    Q4 - What are the market terms?

    Costs per reward spot follow a plan that uses reward in FPS, Medals, and Prints to define a fair rate. The same cost is used regardless of guild the arc owner is from. The planned costs lock the spots and the remaining FPS are up to the arc owner to add (either self or in their own guild swaps).​

    Q5 - We need Arc prints in our guild, why would we offer them to players outside the guild?

    The market is ‘Open’ - there is no obligation to advertise an Arc there. If we have internal supply and demand, we can fill it internally.​

    The benefits of the market comes when there is an internal imbalance in supply and demand. Further, a market works well when you support it.

    Note - this is not a swap. External donations come for free (as a reward purchase).

    Q6 - How is it run?

    KitKit035 is the admin for the program.

    There is a thread for players to identify the positions wanted on current Arc ready for donation. The plan for cost per reward spot is posted by Kit. Anyone added to the thread can identify a spot they will buy. When all spots are claimed, the Arc is posted and players make donations. Anyone wanting their Arc added into program for donations need to let Kit know.

    For this to work across guilds, anyone buying prints needs to make some friend spots available so they can friend the arc owner.​

    (Particular to Guild Leaders)

    Q7 - How does this impact your Arc program?

    It doesn’t. This is simply another way for your members to get prints.

    If your guild has mostly high level Arc's, it is harder for newer players to obtain prints. This would be a way for those members to obtain prints. Same is true for members trying to level a low level Arc's when most of your guild has high level Arc's.​