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I would like to propose an increase in the amount of players allowed to join a Guild and also to require members to join a Guild.

The benefits speak for themselves.


NO. On both counts, but especially requiring players to join a guild. Next you'll want to require me to build specific buildings ... I play according to my own choices, including guild membership.


If you've ever looked at your world's player list, it's clear that there are many players that play without benefit of guild membership. Do you suggest that those players would no longer be allowed to play unless they joined a guild?


Require players to join a guild?? Whats wrong with letting them choose whether they want a guild or not? Think also of the poor quality of guild support one is likely to receive from players forced into joining a guild....Thats a bad idea all around.


Don't think this one's going anywhere mate.
Reckon 80 is about right for a guild and no way should players be forced into joining one


Part of the game is deciding how to best advance your empire. Requiring people to join a guild takes that away.

Ferd Brfl

No support here.

There is an organic progression for new players. The guided quests that introduce buildings, roads, supplies, coins, etc. take the new player into the Bronze Age. As play progresses, chat becomes more useful. And, some guilds actually mine the bottom of the standings list for new members, both as a continuous influx of new blood, and as a service to the game.

So guilds come into the new player's view at some point, hopefully about the time they can make an informed choice.

The random and organic manner of play is more likely to meet more needs than a requirement to join a guild would meet.

And the size of the guild is large now, when time to m/p and assist GB growth is counted, let alone for the guild leaders to manage.

DeletedUser8861 is hard enough to manage a 80 person guild...more would be tough...
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