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Stephen Longshanks

Why would anyone on a U.S. server join a guild where speaking English is not a requirement? If someone can't speak English, they should stick to a server for a language they know. (And I feel the same way about foreign language servers. Don't play on them if you can't speak the language.)

Stephen Longshanks

If they don't want to join, they don't have to, and neither do you. One person can translate for others, but I guess you didn't think about it. :)
Apparently you haven't read the game rules. Specifically:

"4. Language
This Forge of Empires server is an English game. The use of other languages in the game is forbidden. This means all communication and all publications must be in English."

Stephen Longshanks

I do not appreciate being talked down to, but thank you for letting me know I have missed a rule. I do not remember all of them. Now, I will adjust accordingly. I wish for you not to speak to me so rudely.
Man, you must go around being irritated a lot if you think I was speaking rudely. Ask anyone on the Forum and they'll tell you that I was very reserved in my comments on this thread. Especially given the material you posted and the way you posted it. If I were going to be rude, there was plenty of fodder in your posts that I could have been rude about.

P.S.: There are only 10 game rules listed.