Guilded Lilly (lvl 30) recruiting!

Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by lady.anika, May 9, 2017.

  1. lady.anika

    lady.anika New Member

    Dec 2, 2015

    We - at Guilded Lilly - are looking for some new active (Important) members. We are currently level 30 and the guild gives 3FP/day.
    We have an observatory program (obligated) / FP exchange threads / help members level their GB / fair trade threads. Occasionally we give away goods for an arc :)

    We only expect you to be active and aid fellow members. GVG is an option and we are currently fighting Future ERA. We are also looking for fighters for lower era GVG.
    We open 3 (sometimes 4) levels of GE.

    Message me if you want to join!

  2. daishan

    daishan Member

    Sep 6, 2014
    VA, US
    If your looking for a small guild that is highly active and very good at GVG Check this guild out!! they are a great group!!
  3. lady.anika

    lady.anika New Member

    Dec 2, 2015
    We had to close the guild for a while, because we received too many requests. But we are open again!
    We have reached lvl 29 and the guild gives 3FP a day!
    Message me for an invite!
  4. lady.anika

    lady.anika New Member

    Dec 2, 2015

    We are recruiting again.

    We have grown as a guild. We give 4FP/day at the moment.
    We are becoming a GE guild and we always open lvl3 at least. lvl 4 every other week.
    GVG is optional, but it would be nice. (still optional :))
    Being active is very important. We are a very active group and 'inactive' members get kicked (unless they notify us)
    Observatory and arc are required. We can help you with BP's and goods