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GVG is crap


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That's the thing with me. I have seen recalc on a high competition server. Still don't like it. I understand that if you are in a large guild with many fighters it might be fun for a while, but only if you're available at 7 PM Central time, which I am usually not. Also, from what I've seen in Forum posts, it seems that a lot of the top guilds concentrate on the AA map, which is only really playable if you're in the top era. So if you're not in SAV, and the guild isn't active in the era you're currently in, then you have to produce lower era troops to participate, assuming they are active in a lower age. Or resign yourself to be a supporting player providing goods, and maybe DAs for any maps at or below your era. And what fun is that? None, and I speak from experience. Even if you're able to be a fighter, it becomes boring really quick, at least it did for me. Too much work for literally no rewards. And if you haven't noticed, a lot of players really care about tangible rewards. A lot.

I actually agree with you on this. If it were up to me, I would just remove the ability to block off landing zones. If a sector is a landing zone, it should always be open to attack. The fact that they can be blocked off is one of the most unrealistic aspects of the fighting in this game. (Not that I'm claiming there is a lot of realism, you can revive dead soldiers after all, but still.)

Well part of the concentration on AA would be that it doesn't actually need goods but medals for that map. Given the sheer number of high Arcs out there, I'd expect that some of those guilds can more easily generate the medals to hold large amounts of territory than they could in other ages (or they are using the goods for GBG instead). The AA map also gives the most power of course so that makes it more desirable too. I used to play GVG but you are correct the vast amount of the time it is reset that matters and that's 5 pm my time which doesn't work well.

The Lady Redneck

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Okay, so the top 3 eras can fight. Whoopee! That only leaves 15 eras out of the fun.
I am in AF. But been playing GvG for a long time. So I have troops for every Era up to OF. and so do many in my guild, even those in SAV. We are not AA only snobs. So we can enjoy GvG in all ages/Eras if we wish. And FE Hovers do quite well in AA still. LOL I have even won battles in AA with troops from PE and up when there has been a call to AA and I have forgotten to change to Hovers before jumping into the fight. OK that does not happen often but when it does I got bragging rights :cool: :D
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Flavius Belisarius

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Making all sectors landing zone and eliminating positions is a poorly thought-out idea. At that point, it would simply become a game of burning up everyone's resources and making holding completely unsustainable.

Guilds should be rewarded for securing premium positions on maps, just like any other combat game. Changing up the landing zone so that certain areas of the map cannot be blocked off (AA in particular) would be a huge benefit to the game.

Something more dynamic like a moving landing spot would be more balanced while still rewarding guilds for securing premium strategic real estate.. Sort of like a "Drop zone" type of deal where somewhere that's not normally a landing zone would open up to be landed for several hours during a random time of day.
1) it would give off-hours players something meaningful to do since the current state of GVG is 95% around recalc.
2) it would create a way for small guilds or less dominant guilds to break into dominant guild's holdings (while)
3) Still rewarding and incentivizing guilds to have optimal positioning/real estate.
4) it would make using alts/ghost guilds to block access points significantly less effective.
5) it would force guilds to secure/fill inland sectors that are usually just left empty since they aren't likely to be attacked.

It's really a "minor" change that would completely tweak the entire balance/strategy/dynamics of gvg.
I get the point that this a pointless discussion because many of the long time well=known members feel it is.......but
what if there was a way to assault a non-LZ province? Yes it would change the current dynamic of the game and cause Guilds to re-think there strategy.
My success in GVG has been by attacking/raiding well before or after RECAL. Guild group fighting at RECAL is intense and does require Guild commitment.
The current Guild I serve really got our newish players energized with the game with a couple of RECAL Battles. The use of Rogues as DAs in non AF ERA is related to the cost of defending with DAs, recently in Tuulech more Guilds are starting to put more full unit (non-Rogue) DAs.


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I get the point that this a pointless discussion because many of the long time well=known members feel it is...
This is incorrect. I know this is a pointless discussion because Inno has stated publicly, multiple times, that there will be no further changes to GvG. Ever.

Any ideas you may have will always be DNSL, meaning Inno will never even see the idea. Discuss away, but know it goes no further than this thread, no matter how great anyone's idea might be.