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GvG Support Bonus Question


Well-Known Member
My guild took the middle sector from a guild that had three, so that their two remaining sectors no longer touched. After recalc the next day, the HQ had a 45% support bonus, and the orphan sector had none, of course. If we had taken the HQ, then the orphan would have become the HQ; but what happens to the support bonus? Does the new HQ automatically & immediately get the base HQ bonus (25%, I think), the base plus support pool, or nothing until the next recalc?


In your current situation (where there's two disconnected sectors), if you take the HQ, then the HQ will move to the unboosted sector and remain unboosted until recalc.


What happens if the non0HQ sector is under siege when the HQ is taken?
I'm pretty sure the HQ can still get bumped to a sector under siege. But I'm not sure if it will bump there if there is an alternative sector not under siege.