[Poetry] Haiku

John Clayton

Thank you, Za Sen, for starting this thread; I have enjoyed reading the haiku already posted.

One note: the “5-7-5” rule is not considered a requirement in modern English haiku; these days, haiku often have less than each of these numbers on every line. With that in mind:

Just beyond bowshot—
watchfires burn.

I stand
under the Tree of Love—
I remember you.

the new Victory Tower;
gone, my friends.
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I think Za Sen wants
to keep this 5-7-5
but I am not sure
It worked that way on
Avatar the Air Bender.
It works so for me.

The ferroconcrete
It takes my time and my wire
Makes Modern Age hard

Shannara Erin 1 Gloriosa

I will write haiku
for you just because I can
like it or be banned



I've been chanting this for a while... turns out it's a haiku.

Need to level Arc
So many forge points needed!
Need to level Arc