Halloween Costume Contest- WIN 500 DIAMONDS AND A HAUNTED HOUSE!

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Post your picture of you, your child or your pet dressed as your favorite Forge of Empires character and win! Princess Mycienia, Rinbin, Ragu Silvertongue (or any other FoE character) all await your creativity! Show us your genius.

All entries will receive a Haunted House
Grand Prize winner 500 diamonds and a Haunted House
Picture must be posted in this thread by midnight on October 31st. Winner to be announced first of November

*Professional photos are not acceptable.


i dont know who are those characters ¡¡ can u post a image of them, please


I know Rinbin is the grinning character that appears on the side quests, so any of those would do. I would wait for Jake, that pumpkin-head guy from the Halloween event, that would be fun to do :)


Actually, this year I decided to dress up as something from the roman empire and went with legionnaire. Here is my costume! I hope you guys like it.

The link to my picture is here. http://postimg.org/image/g2tm46nmh/

I can't seem to upload images on here for some reason.

I read that professional pictures weren't allowed, so I had someone take another picture outside that isn't "professional".
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IDK the characters name but its my profile pic.

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Not sure of the Avatar's name but you should recognize him.


Princess Myciena Gone Wild In New Orleans

Princess Myciena In New Orleans, LAfile:///Users/lindabarker/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202015-10-19%20at%201.58.24%20PM.png
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Dont know the name but one of the red headed princesses

My Red Headed princess! The only one that matters to me!


She looks like one of the red headed princess characters lol Don't know if she has a name



Not sure of the Avatar's name but you should recognize him.
Awesome! Isn't that the French General Barthelemy Philipeaux from the northern region of the Industrial Age map (North America) that I'm still trying to complete! LOL!! :)
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