help- game fails to load!!


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I have been trying for the past 4 days to login. it doesn't recognise my username :(
game will only load to 79%- and remain stuck..... displays "failed to load sounds/city/globalsounds

im using a pc with Internet Explorer... I have tried Firefox and Chrome as well

could someone please advise/ help :(

Don't worry...this happens to me every day...has for almost a year...Best method is to fill out a ticket...INNO will make out like it's your fault or that it's your tech or service. No's a perrennial problem that the INNO techs are in complete denial of...Never gonna bother to even address it. FAQ wont even try. They can't overcome browser bugs (as they will rationalize it to be)...I got up to 6 tickets and gave up...ain't gonna happen


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As this game is moving away from flashplayer, you may want to try Opera or some other browser that does not need flashplayer to operate. Hope this works for you.