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Here is some Drama from Knights of Seven

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First off Let me say that anything here was spurred by the fact that when we were in Iron age Knights of seven attacked us when we were weak and under siege in 3 sectors but another guild and took a sector... so we wiped them off the Iron map. and of course like many little guilds... it is now our fault...

Here is the first message about one of my players looting on of theirs
I am Malvern spokesperson for the emperor of all iron age, Emperor Tbag.
It has come to the attention of the emperor that you violated one of his subjects known as Linux. He is under the protection of the emperor. You will immediately stop all aggression toward Linux and you will send him a message of apology. Failure to do so will result in your destruction. The iron emperor has many guilds under his command so no matter were you go we will find you. Also if we find out that Gastinay had anything to do with any of the aggression we will go after him as well no matter what age he or you are in we will find and destroy you.
............................................. So says Emperor Tbag....................................................

Next is a warning from a concerned Knights of seven member

Remember back when our mad general went crazy and he started forcing guildmates to build iron units to destroy hardwood and remove them from the iron map? Well the mad general has taken it a step further and now calls himself the iron emporer and requires anyone who wants a sector to bow to him and beg for allegiance. We are still waiting for chris to return so he can see the madness and remove him but he is gaining a very strong following. He has gone completely paranoid and believes you are in cahoots with the mods to destroy him and apparently you are ordering hits on him... His most recent plan is to bulldoze his city and build ema only so he can destroy both h1 and h2 like he did in iron. This guy is nuggin futz and he has even named one of his followers ( ABB-check out he is going ema ) as the ema general and he has declared himself ema emporer warlord. He has hundreds of traz troops as well. The next step is for all of us to build ema and accompany him just to keep the peace. Im really hoping you can call off your dogs so we can stop the madness over here. None of us here want any trouble and this guy is a friggin nutjob who we cant get rid of so please keep our uprising against him a secret. if he finds out then we will have to prove our allegiance to him and fight along side him. When it comes down to fighting we would rather fight with him than against him cuz he has lost it. Again, please call off your dogs. this whackjob is 2 steps away from an all out ema war and i really dont want to get involved in this but i will have no choice. His followers call themselves the tbag youth and they have sworn to die for him. This is the crazy stuff im talking about.

Now the message (threat) gets really bizarre
Greatings gastinay, you may address me as The Knights of Seven Early Middle Ages General abb23b. You may also address me as abb23 The Great, The Majestic, The Magnificent, The Prodigious. Or, if you must, the right hand to the one true owner of the Iron Age, The Great Emperor tbag. LONG MAY HE REIGN!
You may be asking yourself why I am messaging you. It is simply to warn you, the Iron Age is no longer enough to quench the apetite of our Great Emperor tbag, LONG MAY HE REIGN! Additionally, we know you have hired a mercenary goon to attack him in revenge for driving your hoards from the Iron Age. For those reasons, I have been instructed by the Great Emperor tbag, LONG MAY HE REIGN, to lead our vast troops into the EMA.
So far, as was previously done in the Iron Age, I have personally tested your EMA defenses and found them, well, amusing. 23 armies last night, 30 armies tonight and not one rogue trazie or diamond employed. Not that it will do you any good to know now, in the near future, you will be faced not with myself, but 5, 10 and soon up to 20 commited fighters. All eager to sacrifice themselves to please The Great Emperor tbag, LONG MAY HE REIGN!
We will see you soon on the beaches of the EMA. Sleep well now, as you are about to be tested!
The Knights of Seven Early Middle Ages General abb23b



Hey i want some interesting messages too!!!!!!

I'l just keep an eye out for their guild members :D


Gahh why can't I get mail like that..... all I get is we are going to drop all our sectors and go ghost on you blah blah blah, you are to big, blah blah blah, can't we just get along....

I have Gastinay envy =/


very funny indeed :)

the only messages i get are little ones asking me to please stop attacking people :)

they put a lot of time into that message, seems that you ( Gastinay ) are always on there minds ...... :)

keep up the good work


Message from Gastinay to me:

If you are interested in reading some crazy stuff from your leaders I have posted it on the forums...also I am offering invited to any of you who might want to come to an actual guild.

Response to Gastinay's attempt at luring me away from Ko7...

Gastinay, R u serious? You mean I can really be in a real guild? Oh, joyous DAY!!!!! FINALLY, A REAL LIFE GUILD!!! I CANT BELIEVE MY LUCK!!!!! :rolleyes:

If you can't tell, my response is dripping with sarcasm. Get lost, FOO! :razz:ALL HAIL THE GREAT EMPEROR TBAG!!!!!! AVE CAESARI !!!!! AVE Ko7!!!!



Greetings to you Gastinay; It is I Malvern of the Knights of Seven. You messaged me to invite me to join you guild, so I come before you to ask for an invite. I have had a change of heart. I have had a vision yes a miracle I say. Your Gastronomical figure appeared before me as I stood up and looked into the porcelain throne. Yes there you were floating in calm waters. At first I didn't understand butt your holy image kept appearing every day sometimes more than once a day. I talked to the other guild members you say that have asked for an invite, and they all said that they have seen the same holy images of you. I must say your holy image has given insight to many. As told to me by others. For instance if your holy image appeard all runny it meant to stay close to the porcelain throne because more images will be coming soon. Or if your image had worms it meant your town had unwanted guest. This next one was a little confusing, if your image had blood on it, it meant your town had sickness in it, or you just forgot to use petroleum jelly on your last encounter.


OMG... LMFAO... Damn it, I can't stop laughing after reading that last post from Malvern. Seriously, that was some funny reading, thank you Malvern for the laughs I really needed it. I am even passing it on to my people to give them laughs too. LOL



this looks like it will be good. im going to make some popcorn, brb...

The Lady Redneck

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Very useful necro.
Well it kinda brought a tear of nostalgia to my eye. It was part of the fun of the game "back in the day". To log into the Forum to read the latest drama posts between warring guilds or their members in your world. Back then the tears were tears of hilarity.

The mighty Gastinay is still a force to be reckoned with.


early ages really are the best to screw around in, closest you can ever get to maximum guild pariticipation cuz everyone has access to the troops. Nice distraction, team building, long as no one is losing rouges doing it, its all good fun