High Ruhlain


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4/10/16 accepting applications, must meet one of these requirements hma, obs, 30% atk, arc or Alca.

We are on no other realms, this is our one world, this is our prim. Focus, we go all in and expect dedicated players.

We are a bunch of highly active and experienced to new players, from all over the world. With a goal of being in top 10 of GvG, the only way to do this is threw team work. We work under the motto "No one above the Guild". This comes to practice by these 4 rules:

1. Be a active Fighter or Farmer
2. Must have or willing to get a Observatory
3. GE Minimum all of level 1
4. Stix's to Bricks atleast 1FP per stix call
5: Daily Aiding is also strong encouraged. Its free gold and chance for BP's you are looking for. Also helps you, your guild,friends and neighborhood.

We are active in GVG from LMA threw IndA. We also have 5 different FP swap threads for leveling GB's. And a OBS leveling program. We also expect all our members to be active team players. In the many multiple ways of contributing to the guild.

We do and are willing to make arrangements and NAP's with other guilds for mutual growth. But we will not break our word once given. What are we with out our word and honor.

contact: TAK995
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