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Hilarious guild names


Any of you guys ever come across a really funny sounding guild name? Or guild names that just make you think, "What?" Here is one I saw recently that i felt was pretty funny..................."The White Brotherhood"....Haha really?

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Oh wow I spelled guild wrong haha nice.

Edited title. gimccla thank you gimccla
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I think the best comedic names I've ever seen were the "Vial of Dye" guilds. They had tags like [Red] and [Blue]. Well, "We Are Lost Send [Help]" was a good one too.


was in a guild called "Dingleberries" leader got temp banned and came back changing name to Banned from FOE


A guild that no longer exists-Stinky Cheese...Run by EatCheese who's city name is St.Pickles.Silly guy.He's in my old Guild now my parent Guild if you would.

Shannara Erin 1 Gloriosa

The guild I am currently in is called Top Side The Daisies, as in not pushing daisies.


I can't think of a really good giuild ive seen but 2 usernames come to mind "Nobody" and "onlyoneperson"
so when you saw them in the event log it read "noone moyivated your aircraft factory" and "onlyone person attacked your city"