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    Galileo Galilei was an unquestionable genius. He has often been referred to as the "father of astronomy, science and physics".

    Dear Players,

    We have a new historical questline for you! This time - as you can see - we will tell you the story of an important figure in the world of science - Galileo Galilei. He is best remembered for fiercely advocating the heliocentric theory and Copernicus' view on astronomy, as well as creating some groundbreaking works of his own. You can enjoy the questline from 17th to 24th of August.
    See the video below, to learn more about it:

    If you want to know more details about the questline reward, the Sundial Spire building, please make sure to visit its wiki page! :)


    Galileo Galilei was a scientific giant and many of his discoveries astounded and changed the world.

    Forge of Empires Team
    P.S.: We value your feedback greatly, so don't forget to comment here!
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