Houndsmoor Pirates recruiting

calvick the cruel

New Member
Interested in a strong and helpful guild?
Want access to GvG of all eras?
Are you active and want to play with other active players?

If so then this is the guild for you. We are active in all aspects of the game. We offer a friendly, helpful, and PG13 environment in order to grow your city and raise your personal ranking. We are a top 15 guild here on Houndsmoor and plan to continue climbing the rankings.

General requirements are pretty simple.
1. participation in GE (we expect you to try and complete the 1st lvl)
2. we are looking for GvG fighters for all eras, so have access and be ready.
3. PG13 is the environment we expect (no drama, no trying to hook up)
4. where you are in the game does not matter(if you are new we are willing to train, if you are a veteran then we will give you the help you need to accomplish your goals)

contact me here or in game if interested. please serious inquiries only