House of Luna is Recruiting !!


Hello fellow gamers!

House of Luna is looking for new members to join our cause. Any level of experience is welcome! You might ask what makes House of Luna different than other Guilds? The main distinction is that you will never be forced to do anything. There are no Guild Police monitoring your activity. There are no requirements imposed upon you. We are a free people and have found that approach to be most prosperous.

Check out our profile below and if you are interested in joining a strong Guild with a solid future please contact mcribar. I will be happy to send you an invite.

Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon and we are the children of Luna. We exist openly and freely with nothing but the Heavens and Earth governing us. No person or people will stop our evolution as we continue on our journey through the nights. Growth, community and the ever shining blessings of Luna will guide us to prosperity.

As disciples of Luna we enjoy the following:

Open and free trade policy.
No requirements or demands are imposed.
Active in GvG. Participation is optional.
GB clubs and FP swaps.
A strong sense of community.
A balance of fighting, building and trading.
Exceptional teamwork.

Founded: 01-11-2015
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