How did YOU start playing Forge Of Empires?

Grey Soul

Got hurt at work, figured there would be a lot of waiting room sits and wanted something to fill the space. Ended up Loving the game and now grouped up with my childhood friend, niece and nephew in our own little squad of misfits enjoying the weekly Expedition


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I've played Sid Meier's Civilization since the late 90's and I thought to myself one day, when looking through Google play store, I'd like something with a tech tree and so I searched "tech tree" I think and I think this was the first recommendation to come up so I gave it a try, liked it but once I found out it was on Browser I liked it even more so I stayed.
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I played Sim City in mobile and other Strategy games in Android, uninstalled them in a month or two. it wasn't interesting to me.
Later showed me an ad, clicked,

took me to US server (dint have any idea about the servers), signed up
seemed nobody was online . . .but looked like everyone was playing. .not sure if the new players were bots. . :confused:
they dint chat / talk much. . :oops:

then as i levelled to IA and joined a nice Guild, i happen to see more active players.:)
I was alone in the Game whenever I'm online (coz in US server, most of them sleeps when I'm awake)

figured it out a bit late. xD. . . .;)
that gave me enough time to snipe and work out bps hunting. . .LoL;)
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I kept getting an ad for FoE in Google Play Store. I decided to give it a try and at first, when the tutorial started, it seemed very complicated to me. Luckily, I kept playing and quickly found out how nice the game is. After a month or so, my Girlfriend started playing as well.