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How do players manage to have multiple advanced GBs (HC, CF, CoA) in new world on second day?


I am seeing multiple players with 4-6 GBs on second day of new world. Most have HC , CF and CoA in addition to what might be expected (Zeus, Babel, etc.). I am wondering how this is done? None of these players is past Iron Age. How do they get the goods and prints? Yes, I know that once one has the first bp for a GB the remainder can be bought with diamonds, and I suppose if you have enough diamonds you can then buy all the goods as well, but how do you get that first print??
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You answered your own question. Diamonds buy goods, additional prints, etc. Getting the first print is also extremely easy for veteran players that know the game. There is no magic in any of this. Since your diamond "stash" is available ubiquitously to any/all worlds you play in , you could have generated TONS of diamonds in all your other worlds and then started a new city using them.
There are two types of ways they might belike this.

1. They are veteran players with a lot of diamonds in their collection that just got transferred to a new world and spent all of their diamonds on these blueprints, or
2. A prodigal person who has money to spend on stuff like this.


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how do you get that first print??
the very first print comes either from a quest reward (not as likely) or an aid reward, then once that first player with a print who choses to fork over the diamonds to complete, the swarm descends! Most follow-ups get their first BP from contributions to that first player (or second or...) and the chain begins.

Kinda funny that HC beat out Arc as the first high Era GB but that has to do with the way the Great Whale of Carthage played it.


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Have you checked the player's list to see how many are past iron age? Although to diamond rush the age where you can get a HC print seems a tad expensive.

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In my guild, several members who have way more diamonds than me have set up stake-out shifts so they could all jump on a new GB and get that crucial first print.


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Sure that's the way it works......but I think the initial poster didn't think there could be anyway to have that 1st blueprint to buy the rest on the 1st day. And they are right assuming you don't factor in for most people quite a lot of money. Someone clearly has an entertainment budget equal to my yearly salary. o_O

edit: yes i'm envious. :p

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I used to think that is was crazy to spend on this game until it was pointed out to me that this game is simply a hobby to some folks. And that is correct, it is something we choose to do in our leisure time. For some people this is their main hobby. Not many hobbies are completely free of some kind of expenditure. I would hate to count up how much I have spent on Camera gear over the years. (Deliberately NOT looking at the Canon 5D Mark IV (sigh)) Or the fact that I have just spent a considerable amount restocking all my DMC embroidery threads.

So if someone counts this game as their main hobby and therefore is happy to spend what others might think of as a silly amount of cash is OK with me.


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Oh sure I agree especially since I do spend on the game based on the sheer amount of time I spend playing it. While the amount mentioned is a lot if you have enough money that might not be all that much to a person. The amount of money I can spend today for entertainment is a lot compared to me in my twenties and especially when I was in my teems. Expensive is in the eye of the beholder for sure. I live near LA and I'm always worried I'll hit one of those waaaaay to expensive to drive near cars. :oops:


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I saw the game was "FREE!" and I believed them. It costs way more than just money. Spending time and paying attention have cost me a big chunk of my life.