How many face of the ancients and gate of the sun-gods must we endure?

daddski 1

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I understand INNO are a bunch of greedy ferengi... we all accept you are out to make money... so.....
Why in God's name do you constantly screw us in GE? This week... 11 gate of the sungods and I think 7 face of the ancients... it is infuriating...
I have an idea..
Pay attention so you earn more gold pressed latinum and stop losing customers over these kinds of things
HOW? you might ask?
You already have snooper bots looking at our inventories and age what era a player is in...
USE them for good and not evil for once.....
If a player is in say.. colonial.... then give rewards from TOR based on COLONIAL NOT BRONZE.... give us thigs we need instead of another hundred Colosseum bp's. OMG! use your snooping bots to see what kind of buildings we still NEED and provide bp's for those.. IT would not be hard, your game can do it with a few lines of code changes and a few if/and/or/then statements.
I can't tell you how close many people I know are to quitting becasue we put so much time and effort into this silly game only to constantly get screwed by you ppl with substandard items in GE. (which we EARN by the way)

LEVEL 4 GE... OMG PEOPLE... there should not be a face of the ancient or gate of the SG or any rediculous bp's in level 4. WE are going above and beyond the call of duty if in level 4. MAKE THE REWARDS WORTHY OF THE PEOPLE GOING THE EXTRA DISTANCE FOR THEIR GUILDS>......



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@daddski 1 may we ask what else you got in there?

And it was based on Colonial not Bronze as you can't access GE in bronze and the happiness scales with the age you're in


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First off, Your ranting is a little out of line, especially for a technically FREE Game with the "OPTION" to buy (if you so desire).

'Face of the Ancients' and 'Gate of the Sun God' are actually very handy, especially when a challenge or quest requires you to increase your Happiness.
I had one today that required me to increase my Happiness by 10,000... Am I glad I have those in my inventory - Most definitely YES!!

As per Level 4 of GE... I can't argue with you on that, but on the other hand, I hardly ever get those on Level 4, but that might just be luck or good timing.

They Don't need Bots for their own App, everything is stored in a database, and as RazorbackPirate stated, It's completely Random as per the %'s.

PS - Kindly approach the Forum with a little more tact and finesse!
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Consider yourself lucky. Final chest of GE4 on Xyr this week is reno kit or terrace farm. On the other hand, I got 2 100 FP relics this week! Woo hoo! Praise RNGesus!