How many HoFs are to much?


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I've recently run across a player that has several Hall of Fame's and was wondering if it is beneficial to have more than one. Personally I think it's a waste of space to have more then one. What are your thoughts?



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2 motivated CE HoFs produce 3500 Guild Power per week.

That's a lot more Guild Power then I produce fighting 64 in GE.

That;s the same as holding 3 of the best Sectors on the CE GvG map every day.

I've run 23 HoFs in my main city for about a year. They produce around 6000 Guild Power per day. Call it 2 Million Guild Power over that year. That's about the same as holding 25 or so CE GVG Sectors every day for a year.

I suppose I could build something else in my city in all that space, but I don't see anything that my city needs.

Cpntrariwise, HoFs are pretty useless until a player gets up to Modern or so. The space they take up can be used much more profitably to advance the city,


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I used to keep and use them but I decided that the space was much better served with other buildings and decided to delete them. This was well before the Antique Dealer.


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I'll go a slightly different direction: if you have so many that not all of them are getting Motivated prior to collection, you might have too many (or not enough Friends...or active Friends at any rate).


In my opinion if you are below postmodern era (preferably higher) even one is too much.

In low ages they don’t give enough guild power to be worth it.

And in most cases it’s more beneficial for the guild to have their newer players using their city space to develop their cities, rather than waste space for some guild power that honestly doesn’t make enough of a difference to be close to worthwhile.

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I've been playing actively for almost 2 years now, and I've only gotten one HoF between all of my 3 cities. Of course I haven't targeted them as event dailies, but still... they are a bit too rare.