How much coins/supplies does your most active city produce in 24 hours?


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Mine is in Jaims at modern era. I currently acquire 785,000 coins in 24 hours and 210,000 supplies in 24 hours. This thread is meant to just see how well some cities are doing compared to the age that they are. You can state your world if you like as well.
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Well..lets see here....OK, after the medical burden for management and the new raises due by the Local 1173 FOE Laborers union, coupled with the massive insurance payments for the goods and supply buildings, the Arc supplemental dues, the downtown growth feasibility study, the new cruisers and swat equipment for the police force, new engines for all the fire districts, the GB property taxes and the Town Hall remodeling...carry the one divide by six..Here we go...123.67 coins per management is expensive....


Arctic Future (just) with 131% coin boost, 217% supply boost and always happy population +/- 10% as I collect at different times a day and vary the timings: I have the tavern 60% coin boost running at all times.

4.5 million gold and 360k supplies per day. (more supplies if I sit at my PC more often and set quicker collection times).
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With my CF level, I can make as many as 100m coins/ 80m supply daily with blacksmith quest in OF, but I am lazy, so I just make around 30m coins / 20m supply from just locking other people GB lol.


275% supply boost, 31% coin boost.
I get a few million of each per day. I don't pay attention. Plus, it can really vary heavily due to my CF and recurring quests. I don't even RQ but instead simply let the coins and FPs fill them. I cycle through the UBQs 20ish times per day. (I keep at least 25 million of each on hand. So when I get over 25 and my FP quest fills, I cycle through the UBQs until I get back to 25 million.)


ME. I am not sure about the precise numbers. They are around:
Around 1.5-2M of coins per day.
Around 0.8-1M of supplies per day.