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Forwarded How much your Guild players have donated?

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How much have your Guild Members donated to the Guild Treasury?

Create a new page where both Guild Founder(s) and Leader(s) can see how much fellow Guild Members are donating to the Guild Treasury.
Increases the likelihood that Guild Members will donate to the Guild Treasury.
Makes it easier to assess who is donating and who does not donate.
Create a new page where you can see how much everyone has donated in the past 7 days. You should also be able to see which good(s) they have donated and how much of each good(s).
It is nice to see how much fellow Guild Members are donating in order to assess which members are and which members are not supporting the Guild adequately. Please note; Donations from Great Buildings such as Observatory's should also be included in my intended plans.
Further Questions:
If anyone does have any further questions, please feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to respond as soon as possible.
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This has the potential to destroy guilds depending how people view the numbers. I dont donate a lot to my guilds treasury but I have maintained a very large army for gvg. Seeing who does/doesnt donate could cause a lot of drama for no reason. It would allow people to see who doesnt contribute at all but its just another reason guilds have to kick people.


Hello Bruic,

Upon reading your above suggestion, I believe that even though it may reduce competition this new tab if it is implemented should only be used by both Guild Founder(s) and Leader(s) in order to avoid this 'drama'. The reason for this suggestion as mentioned previously is to see who is donating and who is not, therefore, the overall purpose is to see if fellow Guild Members are supporting the Guild adequately or not. It would then be up to the Guild Leadership Team if they believe that they can find a more suitable candidate to take their place. I also believe that this idea would also reduce the likelihood that not only a couple of members are donating to the Guild Treasury which is often very common in the vast majority of Guilds.


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I support this idea, it would be beneficial to know whos pulling their weight in the guild or not.


If you do this you should also add battles fought in GvG so you get the whole picture


A big yes from me.

For now though you can create a page in guild forum and track donations from there.


I support this. Currently in my Guild we have to manually add to a thread. We also have thread refreshes so I cannot see my past contributions. Also would love to see what my Observatory gives :D 5 Stars for a great and simple idea.


Great idea, currently in my Guild is difficoult to trace it, with your proposition would be much better.
Full support from my side

Cornel Ironfist

YES, please!! I spend hours with excel to track this from the guild treasury Guild thread and everyone has to post there - it is stupid waste of time we might enjoy by playing.


Thank you very much for all of your support and feedback, it is much appreciated. I have nominated this particular proposal to undertake a community vote with the hope that this proposal will then be passed on to the developers of Forge of Empires for further thought and consideration.


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Your summary states it could create competition between guild-mates. I think you changed that a bit when Bruic mentioned it may ruin a guild, to only the leaders or founder would see the numbers.
Your proposal is to create a page where fellow guild-mates can see how much everyone is donating compared to what you are donating. So, I think your proposal is totally different now. You might wanna edit it to what your currently proposing. My current understanding is that only the founder/leader will be able to see or use this tab, which removes the competition between guild-mates entirely. Which was the main focus of your initial proposal.
Maybe a re-think in your proposal is needed. Something that can be added for the person that tracks all the numbers such as goods donated, battles fought, ranking points earned and so forth...all in one. Just a thought.


I like the idea of tracking both the donations to guild treasury and the donations of battles fought in gvg along with battles won in gvg. Having that distinction between battles fought and won will allow guild leadership to see who is performing well in gvg and allow them to assist those individuals who are not performing well improve their fighting skills.


I would fully support the idea of a "Guild Treasury Event Log" visible only to guild leaders/founders. I agree if it is visible to the whole guild it could lead to tensions between guildmates. Hopefully it would actually work unlike the GvG event log, but that's a different proposal already out there I believe... :p


I support this idea. It's important for guild leaders to see who is active in the guild, and the quantities their guildmates donate - especially in a GvG-focused guild. Farmers are just as important as fighters, and they should be recognized equally for their efforts. It would also help to influence less active guildmates to donate and support GvG. I think one of the main reasons guildmates don't contribute goods is because there is often zero recognition or immediate benefit for doing so.


As a guild founder in East Nagach, I support this proposal 100%. It should be available to guild founders and officers only due to aforementioned concerns. There are a number of ways we assess our members' participation in the guild, and treasury donations is one of them. This would add a reliable source of information for tracking these statistics, as opposed to simply relying on people to report honestly.

The ideas of battles won in GvG would be cool too, but I suspect that suggestion needs it's own thread.



Active Member
I would very much like to see this come to fruition, even if I'm not a founder of the guild I'm in. It would make it easier to track who is donating what and to more efficiently organize donations to the guild. For example if a few people were donating tons of one good when they were lacking in other areas, then the leaders could ask those three people to donate different things.

It would also show who is actively participating (and who might need to get kicked).
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