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Forwarded How much your Guild players have donated?

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Would you like to see this implemented?

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How much have your Guild Members donated to the Guild Treasury?

Create a new page where both Guild Founder(s) and Leader(s) can see how much fellow Guild Members are donating to the Guild Treasury.
Increases the likelihood that Guild Members will donate to the Guild Treasury.
Makes it easier to assess who is donating and who does not donate.
Create a new page where you can see how much everyone has donated in the past 7 days. You should also be able to see which good(s) they have donated and how much of each good(s).
It is nice to see how much fellow Guild Members are donating in order to assess which members are and which members are not supporting the Guild adequately. Please note; Donations from Great Buildings such as Observatory's should also be included in my intended plans.
Original thread: http://forum.us.forgeofempires.com/showthread.php?6860-How-much-your-Guild-players-have-donated

This poll will close on 10-19-2014


I strongly support this! I would even go so far as to say a Tax system should be impossible where guild founders can place a limited tax on there guild. Even establish a Government like system if able with the position of Founder, President, Diplomat, Tax and Moderator be established. This would help govern the game and strongly encourage more players. Kind of like real Country's and Governments work. Lets face it ... limited Drama and conflict are what drives games. We need more and by installing Governments we would get a lot more.

As a minimum there should be a monitoring system for Goods going into the Guild Treasury to help Guilds establish some type of accountability and fun.


It's more about giving credit where credit is due, rather than trying to "enforce" any sort of guild tax.
We have MP rotations for that.:p


Currently I am head of treasury in the guild I am in. My job consists of constant screenshots of the treasury, an Excel book to keep a copy of donations. I do this because we don't know if people are telling the truth, so when you look harder at this issue.. It becomes a job and no longer can it be fun for that person doing all that work just to keep track who is donating what and when.

If there was something that the leaders could be able look at and see who is donating what and possibly some sort of time stamp it would make it easier on the whole guild.


You see I could still see this causing a lot more problems tan this is intended to help, this seems more like a way you get someone else to tell someone else how to play there game which will either drive people away from the game or split up guilds which GvG did a great job at doing and I don't think this would help. I do understand trying to keep track of donations as long as it does not lead to founders and leader telling or forcing people to donate just because they are in that guild. And as to SOBS24601 post no TAX should ever be imposed on anyone just because they are in a guild so barley have any goods as is and to just take them from someone so you can play your game easier is just wrong, if you want someone else goods go plunder your hood and not your guild. Both of these ideas make GvG almost mandatory and it does not nor should be, well the Tax more than the original post but even the treasury log can be used like a Tax by a bad leader/founder


I would be happy to see that a donation has been made. Just as you can monitor a player's activity or inactivity logging on/off the game; I would encourage the developers to add an admin page for leaders to view donation history for the guild's treasury. I also agree that the amount donated could be used in a negative way, but to satisfy everyone, just to see that some form of donation has been made would suffice some. Same system as for monitoring log-ins. Yellow- XX days, Red- XX days. Then leaders can have a better tool to make decisions on filling the limited positions in the guild.


I like this idea if it can be implemented. Maybe as a sub page of the guild treasury


Thank you for your support Princess Anne. It is much appreciated.


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