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How to locate a guild


New Member
Be warned some use special characters that are very obscure and when that happens you have little choice but to go through the lists Page by Page, the sooner FOE make it possible to search all Guild Names even on part of the Guilds name the better.
EG. Shark Tank there is a Guild by that Name however it has a very obscure specail character in front and at the end of it's name making it currently impossible to search for them.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
You can search by partial Guild names. any part the combo if letter next to each other works. So for instance a Guild named:
Frtenka mskerits.
Even just placing the letters msk in the search box will get you the Guild. and the search is not capital letter sensitive. So you can use frt or FRT and get the results.
be also aware any blank space is included in any search. so it it has a space and you use letters around the space yo will need to include that space
So kamsk will not work. it would have to be ka msk