[Duplicate] I cannot see any of my messages, why?


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In Arvahall world, when I came in to see my messages, ALL I seen was the Thread Title and blank pages. I could not even see who sent the message to the Guild for all to see, or if it was a private message.

How can we communicate, if no one can see the messages?

Oct 22, 2015


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I cannot read messages at all. If I write a message I can see it until I leave the message and come back. Then I cannot even see my own message. The new message system is awful. It is backwards leaving the "so and so left the message" at the top so you have to go through all of that to see the message. Sure seems like that was not thought through very well.

Also, I have all extras turned off and the game will get slower and slower until I have to log out and reboot. I have cleared the cache and even cleaned and optimized my computer. Still the same thing.