I need friends


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Hi, I like friends who motivate and polish most days if not every day. If you'd like me to motivate and polish your city daily, sent me a friend invite. KingBolg. :)


I am on "D" world and need friends, I motivate/polish EVERYDAY but I cannot invite so if you want my help you need to send me a friend invite


Same here. I can always use a friend. Send me (texasdeck) an invite and I'll motivate/polish everyday. I'm only on World Cirgard. Thanks.


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I've added a couple of you on Cirgard. I will polish/motivate daily. Also if anyone wants the same in Arvahall, send me an add, @ MJJSAV. Thanks


Usually I visit those that have visited me and try to return the favor.
How do you increase the # of actions allowed a day?
I normally have 2 and would use more if understood how they are created.


you can polish or motivate each of your neighbors, friends, and guild mates. any neighbors who are not friends or guild mates can be attacked and, if defeated, plundered.

each player action (attack, polish, motivate) can be done once per 24 hrs. so if you had 80 people in your guild, you could polish each of them for a total of 79 (80 minus you). same with neighborhood and friends.

if you want more actions, add more friends.