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Important: Forum changes


FOE Team
Community Manager
Dear King’s and Queens,

We always think on ways to provide you a better user experience in our Game, and also in our Community. We've been getting a lot of feedback about the way we've been handling our Forum, and after putting a lot of thought and consideration, we have decided to make some changes.

As a part of our new efforts we will be making some changes to our forum team, and consequently we will be recruiting and training some new moderators. We might face a few difficulties during this transition period, so if you find it harder to reach the CM Team or if your questions take a little longer to be answered, please bear with us. You won't be ignored - it might just take a little longer to get back at you.

In case you like to talk about it, you can do it here.

We thank you very much for your patience and understanding in advance.


Your Forge of Empires US Team


FOE Team
Community Manager
Hello again, we have some news. :)

As part of our initiative and review here, we're currently revamping the Ideas part of the forum (currently a work-in-progress situation), and we decided to discontinue the Bug Reports section entirely. (in a few days)

We believe that creating a Support Ticket is always the best way to report and address a bug. From there, we're able to gather essential information from your account, device, etc - information that we cannot use/allow in the forum for security and privacy reasons. You can always use the Questions part of the Forum to ask anything, but if what you're talking about is a bug (or a potential one), you'll be asked to contact us via Ticket, which is the ideal way.

As usual, you can express your thoughts about it in our Feedback section. Precisely here, for this topic.

Forge of Empires US Team