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Read this first! Important : Suggestion rules and the steps to approval


FOE Team
Co-Community Manager
So you want to suggest an improvement to our game? Fantastic! We would love to hear from you!

Before you break out the new post and start typing away, please remember to read this guide - it contains important information on how to make your suggestion and a short list of ideas that are not allowed. Please also remember that standard forum rules must be followed at all times. If you break the rules, we will remove your suggestion completely.


Browse the suggestions that have already been submitted in the following areas :

Make sure your suggestion does not break the following rules (we will reject it if it does!)
  • Ideas that involve premium currency or premium buildings will not be considered
  • Building rotation - the orientation of building is a core mechanic designed to offer a strategic challenge in city planning
  • Core changes to the existing events - this is feedback and can be left in the feedback threads provided for every event

If your idea is still valid, add a new post to the main suggestions area. Make sure your post contains the following information and remember : the more detail you give (and the better you sell your idea) the more chance you have of the idea being considered!
  • Make sure you give a full explanation of your idea
  • Include the reasons why the suggestion is necessary (for example why it enhances the players experience)
  • Describe how your idea will work during gameplay
  • Can you add any (small!) visual aids to help show how it would work?
  • Can your idea be abused when put in practice? How could we prevent that from happening?
  • Your new idea will remain invisible to other players until the CM team has a chance to consider it. If we approve your idea it will be approved and moved to the Suggestions for voting area and the community will have 30 days to vote for your idea and ask questions. You can and should address comments to explain your idea further. Don't be dissuaded by negative comments - remember, you are selling your idea to the player base and everyone has an opinion!
  • If your idea is not approved, we will move it to the Rejected Ideas area, where you can see it and consider how you can improve it
  • If your idea reaches over 50% of votes in favour at the end of the 30 days, we will pass the idea on for feedback! We will submit it to the developers for consideration. Please bear in mind this does not mean your idea will be implemented, ultimately the project directors and developers will have final say in what is added to the game.
  • If it does not reach the required 50% threshold it will be moved to Suggestions that were downvoted by the community
Finally, if your idea is downvoted but you think you can re-work your idea (or we reject your idea outright but you have a better way to present it) then we will consider allowing you to re-post your idea a second time. Note it will have to be fundamentally reworked, or we will reject it completely. We will not allow a third submission.

That's it! Please remember to follow the above steps and we look forward to reading all about your idea!