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Do Not Suggest In GBG, Limit the Number of Fighters per Guild per Province

In GBG, should the number of fighters per guild in a province, be limited to a certain number

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In GBG, set a maximum number of players from a guild that can fight simultaneously in each province.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
I have checked the ideas section and this is a unique idea. This idea has not been previously suggested.

This would improve the balance of GBG fighting/negotiating and increase the number of battles fought.

When a province is open in GBG, limit the number of players per guild to the first five that claim they are fighting/negotiating in that province. This would require players to claim which province they are fighting in. They would need to indicate that they are leaving a province, allowing another guild member to enter the province. After five minutes of inactivity, a player's claim on a province would be removed. A player can claim to be in one province at a time and cannot claim to be fighting in multiple provinces.

Visual Aids:


This will not effect any other game features.

Abuse Prevention:
This change would eliminate a single guild from dominating a GBG season. It would also reduce the possibility of guilds being targeted out of fighting in a GBG season.

This will allow for a better gaming experience for all guilds in the GBG arena.