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In need of ...

While trading for some badly needed salt I had an idea. The helpful player I traded with found salt trades in her market then traded me for the goods that the salt sellers in her market wanted. Then she traded me the salt for the goods she wanted. I'd like to see if we can do that here. If you need something that is not for sale in your market (or not enough) it may be plentiful in someone else's. Post here to ask for what you want. When you and the player who can get you the goods exchange FRs in Xyr you can then PM each other the needed trades. We just need a central place to post what goods we want. Voila! Post your request in answer to this thread.

Friendly warning: This is for trades within Xyr only. INNO has a clear rule against inter-world trading and the game admins will ban you from 1 or more worlds if you try to trade between worlds.

Pericles the Lion

Well-Known Member
And see your trade requests disappear as a result of meaningless chat.
You don't know what you are talking about. I have traded goods thru global chat connections many times. At least everyone on GC is playing the same world. Here, everyone on the US server can participate in the conversation but not necessarily in the trading.