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I am looking for a new guild. I am active in GE, but do not participate in GVG. This is a small city, still in Iron Age at the moment. I would like to progress, but I'm struggling due to a guild that is no longer very active and dwindling in numbers. I'm looking for a guild that unlocks all 4 levels of the GE each week that will accept my small city. Experienced player of over 2 years, but the city is about 2 months old. Let me know if you know of a guild that fits my needs and will accept my small city.

**Regarding GE- I am stepping back for this GE (which would be irrelevant since it started already) and next week to prep for the Winter Event. I will still complete at least Level 1, but I do no plan on going further than that unless it is a close contention for 1st place.


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Come and join the Mountain Guild. This Guild is just starting out and the highest player is in EMA. I am looking for players that will fight in either GE or GvG. Just need to fight in 1 of them. Also must be an active player logging in at least 3 times a week.

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Fellowship For All would be happy to have you join our team. Just ask me for a invite