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Already Suggested Increase maximum FP to be collected to 500

Should the number of Forge point that can be collected be increased to 500

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Increase the total number of unbanked Forge Points that can be collected or held from 100 to 500.

Currently there is hard of 100, if you collect more than 100 FPs a day, it is impossible to do this in one collection without using diamonds. You need to collect the first 100, spend them, then collect the next, etc. doing it in steps that can be cumbersome.

The mechanics would be the same as currently use but the limit you can have is 500 instead of 100.

Visual Aids:
no visual aids

This difference would not change gameplay in anyway, just allow a player to collect more than 100 FP at one time

Abuse Prevention:
There is no abuse I am aware of.

To sum up, I am merely asking to change the upper limit of FP that may be collected or held at one time. There would be no change to how you collect them or how many you receive. If you collect more than 100 forge points at one time, this would make it possible to do it in one round without having to stop and spend FP to make space to collect more.
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