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Increased Attack Bonus has become less effective

Sharmon the Impaler

Well-Known Member
I'm only at 420/350 and can easily get past 100 attrition with ease. If I use both a tavern and potion boost, I can get to 150 or better. Might I ask what age your in and what troops your using? At 1000+ you should be able to do 200+ attrition with ease.
I am 1401 attack now and in SAM. I use Sentinels with no rogues

Tunka Manin

New Member
A few things then:

1) A watch tower is in GBG not a players city. In GBG that does not add to your attack or your defense it has to do with the chance that you would increase your attrition. Do you mean watchfire? If that is the case it gives a defense boost to your army defending your city (not when you attack).

2) There are actually three types of attack boosts from potions: 20%, 10%, and 5%. The thing is those boosts are on the base attack number of the unit you are using (it doesn't take into consideration any other boosts). So if your unit has an attack of 50 and you use a 10% potion it would have an attack of 55.

3) Attack boosts can be very useful so generally speaking the more the better (it's not quite that simple but we can get into that later). You want to be able to kill the enemy units with 2 hits that's the advantage of better attack. It gives you a better chance of killing the enemy in 2 hits and a dead enemy doesn't shoot back (whether it's manual or autobattle). Note: there is a rather large great building (Arctic Orangery) that can sometimes turn that into a 1 hit kill but it may not be of a lot of value to you at the moment (again we can discuss that after a bit more information comes out). One trick to boost your attack power quickly besides the potion is to use tavern silver to get another boost. So if you already have your zues and COA to level 10 (30% boost apiece), use an attack potion of 20% and the tavern silver your hypothetical attack number would be base 50 + 15 (zues) + 15 (COA) + 15 (tavern) + 10 (attack potion 20%) = 105 attack.

4) Another factor in battles is your defense boost while attacking. Note that this is different from the defense boost for your defending army. You need to make sure you are placing the right Great Buildings and other buildings to get the boost that you want to get for your game purposes. So in this case with the same factors in #3 above and a theoretical defense rating of 50 your defense score while attacking would be 50 + 15 (zues) +15 (COA) +0 (attack potion doesn't add to the defense of your attacking army) + 0 (tavern attack boost doesn't add to your defense of your attacking army for an defense score = 80. This score will determine how much damage your army takes while fighting. Generally speaking attack is easier to get so it's better to grow that 1st so you can reliably get 2 shot kills (or better) and then work on your defense score as this will help lessen your loss of troops.

5) While manual battling are you on PC? If so you can see the turn order of the enemy units which lets you pick which enemy units to kill. In EMA it's generally better to kill a unit before it can fire as that will lessen the damage you take and give you an advantage. We can go into this more as a separate question if you want more details.

6) You can actually proceed on the Continental Map as far as you can either fight or negotiate so you can actually face troops of higher ages. You may not want to advance to far without doing some research because if you are careful you can get some unattached troops of higher ages which can be useful for you.

7) Do you have any rogue hideouts? Rogues take a day to train but they can be very useful in fighting.

8) GE while you don't face higher age troops the higher the level the higher the enemy attack/defense boost is for that encounter. As you age up the enemy GE boosts increase. GBG you never face higher aged troops but each battle you add to your attrition (assuming your guild hasn't built enough camps and watchtowers to make the fighting attritionless) so you'll want better attack and defense so that you can fight higher and higher. Eventually if you get your boosts high enough you can autobattle and get more battles in on GBG or at least faster battles.

Let me know if you have follow up questions.
1 There's an attack tower on the player field. Iforgetthe name right now but I have 2 of those.
2: I only ever get a 10% booster. And not many as is.
3 Working on my Zeus and I don't have COA (don't even know what that is right now)
4 while in EMA, I'm limited to space here so I have to be really careful.
5 I switch it up. i could be on both. I never noticed a turn order viewing before. Can you also change the order.
6 I tried but I think I ran into some non-continental roguish type of battlers and got DESTROYED even with every single boost. Stopped bothering after that
7 I have 1 rogue hideout. don't currently have space for more. However, it seems the PC is quick to attack them if I give them the opportunity, so I'm always forced to keep them in the background.
8 I honestly still don't understand GBG


Well-Known Member
1) By player field I presume you mean your city? The reason the name is important is that's the only way I can tell you what it's doing for you.

2) You can get the boosters in the daily challenge and the events at least sometimes. Building up your tavern and friends list to collect silver would help you get the 30% boost from that regularly although it's going to be a bit of work.

3) At level 10 the zues will give 30% boost to your attack and defense of your ATTACKING army. It's pretty good. if you are having trouble with battling the zues is the smallest GB you can get that will help you out decently.

5). No you can't change the turn order. But you can look at the turn order and figure out which enemies are going when and then kill some of them to reduce the amount of damage you take. If you can kill an enemy unit before it fires that is one less hit your army takes.

6) The boost of the enemy increases as you proceed on the continental map. The more you get above your era the worse the enemy boosts as I recall (been a while since I looked) but that's on top of the fact that enemy troops are generally better as you age up. So fighting HMA troops with EMA troops isn't easy and you need to have a pretty good idea of how to fight and maximize the bonuses your troops get and how quickly you can kill enemy units to reduce your damage. Also as i recall EMA is around the time you can run across a bonus quest with barbarians in it. If you are facing those units you should read their description........which will tell you that for everyone one you kill the remaining enemy units increase in strength. It is the one time that I can remember that killing units as fast as you can isn't the best strategy.

7) The advantage of rogues are that so long as you have other units on the field they convert when they are first attacked to one of those other units. It absorbs one hit (for no damage) and if it converts to something with retal you might even get a hit on the enemy. Generally speaking you don't want to keep the rogue while it is a rogue in the background. It means you have one less hitter which means instead of helping you it is hindering you.

You are aware that units get bonuses against certain other types of units and that there are bonuses for terrain?


Well-Known Member
I'm only at 420/350 and can easily get past 100 attrition with ease. If I use both a tavern and potion boost, I can get to 150 or better. Might I ask what age your in and what troops your using? At 1000+ you should be able to do 200+ attrition with ease.
Not sure if you are referring to Attrition or Attack Penalty.

In the following screen 45 is the attrition and 431is the Attack Penalty.

View attachment 19069
Yeah. Attrition stops increasing at 150. Unless anything's changed then 200+ is the same as 150

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
Fighting same age troops at "super" high attrition is always almost futile. 110 is pushing way hard for me at 1700/900.
You need the defense up over 900 to keep moving up the attrition ranks. When you get it up another few hundred, I bet you will be able to keep going over 110