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Contact Support Industrial Age Bug


I think this has been mentioned, but I'll mention it just in case:

I am in the Colonial age and is doing the continent map for the Industrial age. In there, I supported the North (President Cartwright) so I was attacking South (General Dee). Recently I scouted to the final province of the storyline (Garrington). Since I was supporting North Garrington should've been owned by General Dee. Strangely, the portrait of Garrington showed General Dee but the name, text (peaceful because I never attacked him), army, etc we're all President Cartwright. This isn't a huge bug that makes the game unplayable.
What I was hoping for was Garrington to be owned by General Dee, but instead only the portrait was Dee and the rest was Cartwright. Please fix this. I kind of feel bad having to attack my ally...