Fixed Interface Issues when encountering a non-Aidable player


When using the "Aid" button below the avatar of a player and that player cannot be aided it pops up a modal window telling you they cannot be aided (this is unnecessary for the Aider and instead should perhaps be an event log for the potential aided player such as "Player tried to Aid you but your City was not Aidable at the time" -- I say this because I was told you still get the money for Aiding them even if they cannot be Aided -- which if not true ought to be true).

After the above occurs the delay after clicking the next Aid button until the next Aid button is available is increased by a few seconds slowing the Aiding process down. Further the floating image of money gained is out of sync with the button you selected. Being off by one step for every unAidable player you encounter (does not cause any functionality problems but does look sloppy).